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Approaches to Drawing

​Designed for anyone interested in drawing, from the beginner to the more experienced. This course guides you through different approaches to the drawn image and explores ways to get you started, what works, examples from the Masters of drawing, and how to avoid common pitfalls.   

​All you need to bring is some graphite pencils and an A3 sketchbook, or we can supply you with materials at a reasonable cost. We will give advice on materials throughout the course.


Life Drawing

Drawing from a life model you will learn about proportions and the importance of observation, skills you will find invaluable in all areas of your drawing. We will guide you through each session, helping you to avoid the common pitfalls and building your confidence. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.

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Oil Painting

​This course will introduce this fascinating medium to anyone who has ever been too scared to open a tube of oil paint! We will guide you through basic techniques and materials,  help you overcome your nerves and get the results you want. A list of the materials you'll need will be supplied when you book.

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Fashion Illustration: the Art of Clothing

We all know what people look like, but this workshop will teach you to use various art materials and techniques to really see the human figure and the clothes we wear. During these sessions you will take inspiration from models, magazine images and paintings. Experiment with inks, paint, collage, embroidery, drawing and painting. These classes will explore proportion, illustration, the clothed figure, garments, fabrics, textures and colour.


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Textile Art

This course will allow you to experiment with fabrics and a mix of media to create inspired art and textile pieces. Through deconstruction, reconstruction, stitch, painting, drawing, dying and embroidery you will challenge yourself to explore the world of textiles.

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​Join this course to familiarise yourself with handling paint as medium, to understand how each colour behaves when used alone and in combination with other colours and discover how to achieve highlights and shadows. Each lesson will aim to introduce a particular aspect of painting and will provide an opportunity to practise and then use it to produce a painted study.


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 ​Saturday Drawing Workshops

Saturday Drawing group is a fantastic opportunity to try everything from the basics to more experimental drawing techniques. Workshops are suitable for adults and teens, all abilities are welcome. Just bring along an A3 sketchbook and pencils if you have them or we can supply you with materials at a reasonable cost.

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We offer two methods of printmaking. Linocuts is a form of etching that developed from the art of woodcuts. Printmakinger Jackie Shackson will show you how to cut your designs from easy to work artist's quality Lino and create beautiful images.

Collagraph printmaking is a process that uses silvered card, tapes, and other materials to create textured collaged plates that you can print immediately. All you need to bring is an apron. We will supply paper, ink and all materials to make your plate. This lovely technique can be adapted to fit any style of artwork.

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Mixed Media

Did you know that artists like Turner and Degas loved mixing up media to create their iconic works? We will introduce you to a range of achievable techniques including collage, gouache, watercolour, pen and ink and more.

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After School Art Academy

For young artists aged 7-12 years. An hour of fully taught Fine Art with a qualified art tutor. Learn about great artists, try different techniques and develop essential skills in small groups of around 10 children.

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